Agon Pacific is the leading boiler service provider in South East Asia. Established in 2012

We provide services for the entire boiler life cycle; concept creation, engineering and design, spare parts and material supply, pressure part module manufacturing , installation, commissioning, maintenance, retrofits and modifications complying to ASME, EN, CE, DIN, BS, PED, TRD, etc. codes. Our work-shop has been qualified and received ASME “S” Stamp and National Board “R” and “NB” Stamps for Boiler and Pressure Vessel.

Agon Pacific is a cooperation partner with Teke (Boiler Cleaning), AF consult (Balance + Advanced Process Control) , Raumaster (Fuel Handling System) and ARC Production(Drone Inspection) for Sales and Service in SE Asia. Agon Pacific has marketed boiler services in SE Asia and selected locations elsewhere world-wide, and is well accepted by many world class companies.