Fuels are changing, emission limits are becoming more stringent, and demands for high availability and efficiency are becoming increasingly challenging. The boiler plant equipment may need to be upgraded and modernized to cope with these demands.

We have in-house expertise to modernize and improve the boiler to meet these new demands. Whether it be about minor upgrades, adjustments, optimization and tuning or major modifications, all can be met with our tens of years experience of services in this field. We are also the choice of customers to survey and study in-depth the present boiler, problems, and future demands, to find the solutions to meet the targets.

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Typical improvements which we perform are
– Efficiency
– Emissions
– Changing fuel selection
– “Low-ash syndrome” –related problems
– Erosion
– Corrosion
– Availability

Agon Pacific has experience of several different boiler/plant makers and their technologies, and are knowledgeable of their positive features and potential issues. Therefore, we have learned to select the most practical solutions. We are not tied to any technology providers and their standard solutions, so will recommend the most effective.

We have state-of-art in-house boiler modelling and engineering software to model all types of boilers.