As Certified holder of  ASME “S” stamped National Board “R” stamp, our facility can fabricate boiler pressure part  for improved performance, or life-extension enhancement to meet our client s requirement.

From Agon Pacific’s workshop facilities in Rayong, Thailand, we deliver high quality pressure part products utilizing a wide variety of metals within budget and  meet delivery schedule. Our key  products are BOILER PRESSURE PARTS components such as headers, economizers, super heaters, water wall panels etc. We can supply by  included tube or bend through fully assembled modules.

Our products include

  • Pressure Part Modules/Coils e.g Economiser, SH, RH etc.
  • Tubes Bending
  • Wall Panels/ Opening wall panels/ Primary Air Port Opening
  • Header welding with stub tubes (Swaging)
  • Non-Pressure Parts e.g. Silencer, Air-Preheater, Bending Shield