As of June 1st , 2017, at Agon Pacific Group we are moving into a new and bigger workshop for our pressure parts and non-pressure parts fabrication.

Since the boiler company which previously rented the workshop seems to be downsizing its fabrication activities in Asia, Agon Pacific was given the opportunity to take over this larger workshop with the 4500 m2. We had reached full capacity at our previous workshop, so this was very good timing for us.

Agon Pacific will now have much bigger (three times) capacity to serve our valued customers in Thailand and all over Southeast Asia with their fabricated pressure and non- pressure parts needs. With additional covered bays and assembly areas, we will have capacity to fabricate several bigger jobs at the same time with shorter fabrication times as a result.

This relocation to a bigger workshop highlights our commitment to serve our clients in the region with
high quality manufacturing at a competitive price level and with fast delivery times.