Wanting to support and assist with learning of the skills that kids need for problem solving, and generally in life, Agon Pacific donated used computers for children and teachers at Zero-to-Hero Foundation.

Zero-to-Hero Program in Huana, Phetchabun, Thailand, is based on the world famous Finnish early childhood education concept. Together with Thai experts the foundation is adapting the concept to suit the children in the Thai countryside. When ready, the model can be applied elsewhere in the developing countries.

In addition to the computers, Agon Pacific employees gathered and provided their kids’ used books, toys and clothes. The books are needed in Zero-to-Hero Kindergarten, and the toys together with the children clothes were donated to the families of Huana.

Agon Pacific wishes success for Zero-to-Hero, its founders Dan and Jo Rubinstein, and especially to all of the children and their families at Huana, Thailand !

Photo credits Paivi Arvonen/Diamond Idea
More information about Zero-to-Hero: www.z2h.fi

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During the past few years one of Kesla’s main area of interest has been Asia. The list of representatives in Asia has now widened further as Kesla and Agon Pacific Co. Ltd have signed a contract of cooperation for sales and services of KESLA products in Thailand.

Agon Pacific has Finnish roots

Agon Pacific Co. Ltd is a Finnish majority owned company, and one of the founders and acting CEO is Finn, Tommi Ijäs. Agon Pacific is the leading boiler service provider in Southeast Asia. The company provides equipment and services to power plants and boilers throughout the value chain. With this agreement, the company now widens its products and services portfolio to forestry related KESLA products: grapples, chippers, tractor loaders and trailers and especially harvester heads.

– Synergy benefits with the power plant and boiler business can be easily achieved as many potential and existing wood harvesting clients are already familiar with our company, and this is part of the value chain we already serve, states Tommi Ijäs, CEO and founder of Agon Pacific.

– Agon Pacific has a very strong hold also in the after sales side of the business, which is essential when selling forestry machines, adds Janne Häyrynen, Sales Manager for APAC at Kesla.

– We have been working in Thailand now for a few years and during that time we have had successful cooperation with many of the big players in the field. Now, with the help of Agon Pacific, we are able to serve more companies and from the local field, states Mika Tahvanainen, the Marketing Director of Kesla.

 Mechanization in the forests of Thailand has barely started. Kesla’s new cooperation partner Agon Pacific completes Kesla’s strong presence, support and after sales in mechanizing forestry.

Credit: https://www.kesla.fi/news/article/article/news/agon-pacific-co-ltd-starts-as-a-kesla-dealer-in-thailand/

We held Office Blessing Ceremony in the morning, 09 Jan 2019 Start our new year with meritable and positive things.

Key note speech was given by H.E. Dr. Siri Jirapongphan, Minister of Energy, Thailand. Discussions covered smart grids, digitalization of Thailand, and ways to replace fossil fuels using existing technologies and expertise.

Agon Pacific is now a proud member of the “Customs Alliances Program” to support the Thai Customs to enhance transparency, fairness and efficiency.

Valmet has signed a cooperation agreement with the independent boiler service provider Agon Pacific co., ltd. According to the agreement, Agon Pacific will support Valmet in providing boiler services in the Southeast Asia. The cooperation started in August and enables Valmet to serve its customers faster with cost-efficient solutions and shorter delivery times.

“We have been looking for a reliable partner in Southeast Asia for a long time and have met with many prospects. Finally, we felt that Agon Pacific is the right choice for us. They are a devoted, hard-working team, they have passed all of our audits, and they have a certified workshop in good condition,” says Mika Pappi, Director, Services, Manufacturing and Solution Development, Valmet.

“As an independent service company, it is very important for Agon Pacific to have world-class partners. Valmet has comprehensive process and technology knowhow, and Agon Pacific has long experience of manufacturing new and replacement pressure parts and spare parts for customers around the world, while providing site services for maintenance and modifications in Southeast Asia. With this cooperation, we will be able to offer customers a wider range of solutions,” says Tommi Ijäs, CEO, Agon Pacific.

“This agreement will be a win-win-win for all. Both Valmet and Agon Pacific will learn and benefit from this cooperation. Agon Pacific has grown to become a highly regarded supplier in the Southeast Asian market, but most importantly, our customers will get faster high-quality service,” says Jouko Kylänpää, Director, Rebuilds and Conversions, Pulp and Energy Business line, Valmet.

About Agon Pacific

Agon Pacific has, since it was established in 2011, become the leading boiler service provider in Southeast Asia. Agon Pacific provides a large range of boiler replacement parts and services, from engineering/design and fabrication at its own ASME-certified workshop, to various types of site services. www.agonpacific.com 

Agon Pacific Group proudly took part in the celebration for the 100th Anniversary of the independence of Finland


Proud to have received our new and revalidated ASME Certificates, certifying Agon Pacific Group for another three years of ASME ‘S’ for pressure part manufacturing and National Board NB together with ‘R’ certification for site service works.

H.E Ambassador Satu Suikkari-Kleven, The Finnish Ambassador, gives her support to Agon Pacific Group and our future endeavours in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

We- Agon Pacific Team – would like to thank you for this given support.