Wanting to support and assist with learning of the skills that kids need for problem solving, and generally in life, Agon Pacific donated used computers for children and teachers at Zero-to-Hero Foundation.

Zero-to-Hero Program in Huana, Phetchabun, Thailand, is based on the world famous Finnish early childhood education concept. Together with Thai experts the foundation is adapting the concept to suit the children in the Thai countryside. When ready, the model can be applied elsewhere in the developing countries.

In addition to the computers, Agon Pacific employees gathered and provided their kids’ used books, toys and clothes. The books are needed in Zero-to-Hero Kindergarten, and the toys together with the children clothes were donated to the families of Huana.

Agon Pacific wishes success for Zero-to-Hero, its founders Dan and Jo Rubinstein, and especially to all of the children and their families at Huana, Thailand !

Photo credits Paivi Arvonen/Diamond Idea
More information about Zero-to-Hero: www.z2h.fi

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